What Happens at Meetings


At a meeting of the North Central Texas HIV Planning Council, people sitting around the table are Planning Council members and Planning Council staff. The members are all community volunteers. Not one of them is paid for his/her work. The two staff members support the work of the Planning Council.


The Planning Council meets the fourth Tuesday of every month, except in December. Meeting times are from 10:45 am — 11:45 Am. Meetings are held at Tarrant County Public Health, located at 1101 S. Main Street at Rosedale in Fort Worth, Texas. The annual meeting in July usually is held at a separate venue.


The goal of the Planning Council is to determine the communities and services of greatest need for HIV/AIDS care in the region. Once these are determined, the Planning Council approves funds to be allocated to these needed services. The Planning Council does not provide actual client services nor does it decide which agencies receive the funds to provide services. This is strictly a planning group.

What You'll See and Hear


Planning Council meetings are open to the public. Consumers, agencies, and all who are interested in getting involved and / or learning more about the planning process are encouraged to attend. Anyone can speak up or ask questions at a meeting. The Planning Council works with the federal and state governments, and the local Administrative Agency (Tarrant County Public Health).


One challenge you may face is understanding the language used in this meeting and the committee meetings. There are many acronyms, terms, and phrases used. If you hear something you do not understand, simply ask. Planning Council members and staff are more than happy to clarify things for you.


At this meeting, you may hear reports from the committees and votes that are needed from the full Planning Council to approve recommendations and actions. Also, you will hear the Administrative Agency report on how the implementation of services is going and on aspects of their work that impact services. The Planning Council staff will update the group on what is happening at the state and federal level, and any new projects that need to be addressed. In addition, there is a program piece to help members understand different issues that affect and impact their role in planning.


The work done by the Planning Council happens throughout each month. Actual projects are done at the committee level with reports provided at Planning Council meetings.

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